Extending your outdoor living space with a deck can be an exciting venture. The key to a durable and long-lasting deck lies in the attention and care given to assembling its substructure, as well as choosing the best decking materials.
Eva-Last representatives are available to help answer your decking-related questions and detailed installation guides are available on the Eva-Last website for your convenience.


The G-struct deck framing system is a galvanised steel substructure solution. G-struct sections are manufactured from industrial grade pre-galvanised coil, providing a long term support system.


It is prudent to utilise a substructure system that matches the lifespan of your deck. When selecting timber be sure to consider the intended application and the local building codes. Eva-Last® offers several timber solutions based on the requirements of the deck. Standard H3 level pine is available for the continental highveld climate. H4 to H6 level pine which is available for alternative applications such as Mediterranean climates and coastal areas. H3 level pine beams and H4 level gum poles are regularly stocked.


The PVC batten support system offers a simple and effective substructure solution for easy installation. The batten is placed atop a rubber support pad (to allow for drainage) and then nailed into the existing structure. Eva-Last® composite decking profiles are subsequently installed atop this. This can be utilised as either a flooring or cladding application. It is advisable to use the Titan support pedestals for use atop waterproofing membranes and not the composite batten system.