Composite Applications For Signage

Composite signs are longer lasting and lower maintenance than traditional wooden signage whilst being a sustainable and highly durable eco-friendly material option.

Eva-Last’s Infinity composite technology can be used for signage applications given it’s resistance to moisture, insects, harsh weather, staining, scratching, rotting, warping and very importantly its resistance to the harsh effects of UV rays ensuring the inherent colour of your signage is retained for the entirety of the warranty coverage period.

We suggest browsing the colour and surface finishes of our Infinity range.

In terms of the product profile, however, we recommend using fascia boards for signage applications. Infinity capped composite facia boards double sided natural and durable wood-look will ensure your signage looks great for years to come.

When it comes to the branding on your signage, fascia boards can be professionally laser engraved or cut with a CNC cutter to create cut out lettering. Mounting your cut-out board against a contracts colour PVC material sandwiched between a second facia board can give your signage a unique embossed look.

When it comes to hanging or mounting your signage, consider the long-term function of your signage. Infinity facia boards can be mounted with off the wall hidden studs for a floating effect, can be mounted onto a vertical metal substrate using colour matching hidden fasteners or punched and strung with thin chain or cable for hanging applications.

Enjoy all the beauty of wooden signage whilst knowing that by using Eva-Last composite, it’s gentler on the environment and more worry-free.